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Banking and financial law

Almain supports and advises both French and foreign financial institutions (banks, Fintechs, portfolio management companies, investment funds, etc.) regarding procedures with regulatory authorities (ACPR /AMF) on licensing, European passport and acquisition of qualifying holdings, in connection with corporate operations.

The firm is involved in all matters related to banking and financial regulations (prudential regulations, outsourcing, compliance, marketing of financial products, AMF-CFT regulations, AMF or ACPR controls, etc.).

Almain also advises its clients on the launch and structuring of new financial products (crypto-assets, crowdfunding, payment services, etc.).

Asset management

Almain supports and advises its clients on the licensing of portfolio management companies (AMF), on structuring professional investment funds (FPS, FPCI, SLP, OPPCI, etc.), particularly in the real estate sector, on the drafting and negotiation of agreements concluded by asset management players (distribution, advice, delegation, mandate, etc.) and more generally on any fund law issue (qualification of AIF, compliance, etc.).

Almain also assists investors in regulatory audits of investment funds.

Foreign investment screening

Almain supports and advises its foreign clients on foreign investments in sensistive sectors in France in connection with M&A transactions.