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In support of its mergers and acquisitions activities, Almain has a proven ability to intervene in public law and environmental law. The M&A team has developed the mechanisms and expertise necessary to manage issues of public or environmental law arising from the acquisition, sale, merger, or reorganisation of companies.

In the field of public law, whether it concerns transfers or changes to administrative authorisations, changes affecting public occupancy agreements, or administrative approvals for overseas investments in France, including related operations and/or transactions in sensitive or dual-use technology sectors, the experience of our teams ensures our clients that they will always receive end-to-end, integrated service.

The same also applies to environmental law, a now inevitable component of business law which ramifications extend far beyond the industrial sector alone. Whether auditing administrative authorisations held by target entities in M&A operations, writing reference material, social and environmental reports, or issuing the environmental reports required in insolvency proceedings, our teams have the acumen and experience to meet clients’ demands from all sectors.

Regarding transnational operations, our teams have also established the local contacts required in each area, with whom we have established personal and professional relationships based on trust and shared values.