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IP rights (trademarks, patents, copyrights, designs and models, domain names, data bases, etc.) are essential assets for most companies, and in some cases their main asset.

Almain advises its clients in the protection of their IP rights from the moment they occur, accompanying them in filing procedures in front of IP offices, both in France and abroad, thanks to its world-wide network of correspondents, as well as in the drafting of research and development agreements and confidentiality contracts. Almain also participates in the protection of its clients intellectual property rights by organizing with them strategies to limit their exposure to the risk of third party claims and helping them in securing their intellectual property rights, such as, for instance, by defining employees invention policies.

The firm assists clients in the negotiation of the contracts necessary to the valorization of their IP rights, whether these contracts concern the assignment of these rights, their licensing, the organization of their co-ownership or their coexistence with other rights.