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Most of the firm's partners have lived in multicultural environments. In addition, Almain's lawyers have all worked and/or studied in a foreign country. French and English are the working languages of Almain's teams. Danish, Italian, German, Lebanese and Vietnamese are also spoken fluently.

We regularly act on behalf of foreign clients in relation to their operations in France, or as a local counsel of foreign firms. In return, we also support our clients around the world in their international development.

Our experience and our international network allows us to act in both cross border and multi-jurisdictional transactions, implementing distribution networks abroad, and employee incentive schemes for multinational groups

Over a number of years, we have built close relationships with leading firms in the most important jurisdictions. These firms share our multidisciplinary approach and our standards of excellence. As we are not part of an integrated network, we have the opportunity to choose the most appropriate local partner on a case-by-case basis and in accordance with our clients' needs.

We remain the sole point of contact for our clients and oversee the coordination of our foreign correspondents throughout all stages of the project.

This openness and perfect knowledge of international business practices are an important asset for the firm, which, while remaining an independent French firm, has the ability to handle in an efficient and smooth manner international transactions and matters.