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Almain supports and advises both real estate professionals and users, whether local or international, in all their real estate issues.

Almain’s expertise in real estate law allows bespoke solutions to each client, on all types of real estate assets, for industrial, commercial and residential use.

The firm assists investors in their acquisitions, sales (share and asset deals), portfolio restructuring and asset outsourcing, and also in establishing joint ventures or drafting and negotiating their leases.

The firm also advises its clients in the context of their construction operations by defining the most suitable contractual scheme (real estate development, delegated project management, assistance to project management, the general contractor, separate building trades) and assists them in drafting and negotiating contracts related to constructions (architect’s agreements, property development agreements, delegated project management agreements, project management assistance agreements, and so on).

Almain also assists its clients in dispute resolution relating to real estate transactions, rentals (removal of ceilings, renewal of leases, eviction indemnity, rental recovery) and constructions.