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C ommercial contracts structure a company's activities, enabling risk to be kept under control.

Almain is involved in drafting and negotiating commercial contracts, whether relating to sales, the provision of goods and services, lease agreements and, more generally, all contracts for a company's relations with its commercial partners and with consumers.

The firm helps clients structure their selective distribution networks, exclusive or franchise, whether in physical stores or online, and advises in the drafting of commercial agency, brokerage and commission agreements.

Almain supports its clients' specialist needs by drafting standard contracts that can be reused with several contractors, or contracts that are specifically designed for a particular transaction. Whether simple or complex, contracts are tailored to the activities and requirements of the client.

Extensive understanding of the regulatory environment is crucial in the development of commercial contracts. The firm has in-depth knowledge of competition and consumer protection laws that govern these contracts, as well as industry-specific regulations, particularly in terms of public health

Through its international network of foreign correspondents, Almain can assist its clients in the implementation of contracts covering several countries

Almain supports its clients throughout the lifespan of their contracts and assists in disputes related to their performance. The firm also provides advice when contracts are terminated, in order to prevent conflicts resulting from the termination of business relations.