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Whatever the subject matter, Almain helps clients to prevent litigation risks and resolve disputes when they arise, whether through court proceedings or settlement negotiations.

The firm assists its clients before civil, commercial and arbitration courts, as well as in labour, administrative or criminal courts.

The firm has also an extensive experience in litigation at a European and international level.

In particular, Almain offers cutting-edge know-how in terms of court proceedings and litigation strategy combined with a first rate know how on the legal advice side in the following areas:

Commercial litigation

Breaches of contract, unfair competition, unfair business practices, and sudden termination of commercial relations: companies' lives are sometimes marked by disputes that disrupt their business.

Almain assists companies from a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, telecoms, pharmaceuticals and new technologies, as well as consumer goods, food, clothing and luxury goods.

The firm is active in French disputes as well as European and international disputes. Its network of correspondent firms worldwide allows it to oversee litigation in several jurisdictions.

Product liability

The issue of liability for defective products is often a particular challenge, both in financial and brand-image terms for manufacturers, importers and distributors.

The firm assists companies in court proceedings and expert determination processes.

Prior to this, it also advises on the organisation of product recall campaigns and relationships with public administrative bodies responsible for consumer protection.

Corporate litigation

Almain assists its clients on shareholder disputes (disagreements between shareholders, shareholders' agreements, the implementation of good-leaver/bad-leaver provisions, etc.) or disputes relating to M&A transactions (termination of negotiations, breach of representations and warranties, price adjustments, etc.).

Employment law disputes

Almain manages all types of employment disputes, including individual or collective employment disputes.

IP/IT litigation

Almain represents its clients in litigation proceedings concerning IT law, whether with suppliers, clients or regulatory authorities.

Almain has a strong intellectual property litigation practice, including counterfeit claims and more specialized proceedings such as employees’ inventions or domain names. Almain defends the interests of its clients by proposing solutions adapted to their needs, whether in the context of pre-contentious litigation, emergency proceedings or regular proceedings. Almain also defines strategies to limit its clients’ exposure to the risk of third party claims.

Tax litigation

Almain has developed an outstanding litigation practice, assisting clients with tax audits and disputes.