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Paris, 15 April 2019

Almain on the creation and implementation of a new franchise network

Almain assisted Le Foncier Courtage in the creation and implementation of its franchise network in the field of real estate credit brokerage.

The Le Foncier Courtage network was founded by five real estate financing specialists and was quickly and widely deployed throughout France.

Le Foncier Courtage benefited from Almain’s interdisciplinary expertise, which involved its contract and distribution, corporate, intellectual property and personal data protection teams.

Le Foncier Courtage was advised by Cécile Davanne-Mortreux and Mathilde Garin on corporate law aspects, by Rita Eid, Thomas Fleinert-Jensen and Floriane Aufaure on contractual and distribution aspects and by Marc Lempérière on IP/IT and personal data aspects.